Simsbury is among the majority of municipalities in Connecticut that face fiscal uncertainty while the
State legislature goes without passing a budget. Millions of dollars are at stake for Simsbury, including
much needed funding for Education and Town Services, which may not be available in fiscal 2018. The
budget impasse at the State has done nothing but add complexity to Simsbury’s budgeting process,
making 2018 the most challenging budget in memory. The ongoing unknown and economic challenges
for CT are not an anomaly; we can expect an even more difficult budget process next year. It’s
important that we continue to demonstrate consistency and careful discretion while investing
Simsbury’s tax dollars, and that is why we are endorsing Derek Peterson for the Board of Finance.

Derek has served on the Board for the last year, getting up to speed immediately and adding a positive
impact from the start. His background and experience is in accounting and finance, and what he’s
practiced for over 22 years. Derek works for a Pension Fund Advisor in town, and serves as the Board’s
liaison to the Retirement Plan Sub-Committee. He is vested in the community, with three daughters in
the Simsbury School System, and having served on multiple boards and commissions throughout his
time here. His good nature and know-how is a welcome addition to the Board of Finance, and we’d
appreciate your vote for him on November 7 th .

Yours Truly,
Simsbury Board of Finance Chairman
Rob Pomeroy

Simsbury Board of Finance Members
Moira Wertheimer
Kevin Prell