Jackie Battos

I am thrilled to announce my candidacy for election to the Board of Selectmen in the town that has been my home since the very beginning. Born and raised in Simsbury, I started my educational journey at Latimer Lane School, continued at St. Mary’s School and proudly graduated from Simsbury High School. This town is where I have built lifelong friendships, created cherished memories, and established the strong foundation that has shaped who I am today.

Championing Superior Education: Our schools are more than just buildings; they are the heart of our community. Having walked the halls of our educational institutions, I am deeply committed to upholding the tradition of providing a superior education for every child in Simsbury.

Preserving Our Open Space: From childhood adventures to quiet moments of reflection, our open spaces are woven into the fabric of our lives. As a steward of our town, I am dedicated to responsible land use and the preservation of our natural beauty for generations to come.

Fiscal Responsibility: Simsbury’s financial health is vital to our collective future. Having witnessed the evolution of our town firsthand, I understand the importance of sound fiscal policies that balance growth and sustainability, ensuring that our residents thrive without undue financial burdens.

My journey through Simsbury’s educational system, my interactions with our community, and my genuine love for this town drive my commitment to serving you on the Board of Selectmen. With your continued support, we can shape a future that honors our past while embracing new opportunities.