Derek PetersonDerek Peterson – Board of Finance

I’m originally from Farmington, and as a child I spent a lot of time here in Simsbury. My grandparents lived on the north end of town in the Owen Murphy Apartments, and I also had family along Hopmeadow Street. I studied accounting and spent most of my career in Real Estate Finance, which I still practice today at a small firm in Weatogue. When my wife and I started thinking about raising a family, Simsbury was a logical choice for us. Like many, we chose Simsbury for its outstanding school system and quality of life.

I became involved with the town shortly after moving here, spending five years on the Economic Development Commission and another five on Zoning. I worked on the Simsbury Center Code, The Hartford Code, and also on the PAD Subcommittee which helped draft Simsbury’s mixed-use regulation. Most recently, I was appointed to the Board of Finance last year. Despite budget turmoil at the State level, we passed a fair and thoughtful budget for 2018. All boards compromised, anticipating millions of dollars in State budget cuts to the town. Amid the continuing uncertainty, it is imperative that the three boards of Finance, Selectmen and Education, collaborate openly, and think differently. I will help build consensus, and use my background and experience to help achieve another successful budget in 2019, which promises to be just as difficult.

As a father of three girls in Simsbury’s public schools, I know the importance of having a safe, quality education system. I also know the importance of protecting the other things we love about Simsbury. Most importantly, as stewards of your tax dollars, it’s essential that the Board of Finance spends them wisely.

Thank you for your time, your consideration, and your vote.