We are…
mothers, fathers, grandparents, citizen-volunteers, business owners and employees.  We are friends and neighbors.  Guided by our past and confident about our future, we are committed to strong leadership for Simsbury. We are Simsbury Republicans!

Simsbury Republicans are dedicated to our community.  We are mindful of the Town’s history, forged by citizens past and present who have worked to make Simsbury a desired place to live, raise a family, educate children, benefit from cultural amenities, delight in its natural environment, and retire with comfort.  We value Simsbury’s historic town center.  We envision a local government that is always ready to provide necessary services, yet is minimally intrusive in the everyday lives of its constituents.



Good Government.  We believe in and intend to provide government that is open, honest, accessible, civil, optimistic, responsive and limited.

Financial Responsibility.  We are thrifty.  We believe that the town’s resources must be prudently managed, with respect for the taxpayer, and with responsible economic development to ease the residential tax burden.

Preservation of the Town’s Character.  We recognize that the land use choices we make today will determine tomorrow’s community and that we must balance responsible development with the rights of landowners.  We are committed to the respectful consideration of all viewpoints.

High Quality Public Education.  Our public school system is one of the town’s most precious assets.  We are firm in our commitment to the education of our children, who represent the future of our community and the future of our nation.

Recreation and Culture.  We recognize that our quality of life is directly related to the cultural and recreational facilities in which earlier generations have made significant investments.  We are committed to protecting and enhancing these amenities for future generations.

Sound Environment and Energy Policies.  The example we set today will benefit and guide our children.  We believe that today’s challenges require us to develop responsible energy and environmental policies so that we pass on to the next generation a community that is as desirable for them as it was for us.

Our Leadership Team