Republican Town Committee Meetings

Our monthly SRTC meetings are scheduled for 6:00 pm on the third Thursday of the month in the Friends of the Library Program Room Simsbury Public Library. These meetings are open to registered Simsbury Republicans.

Please join us!

Third Thursday of the month


Friends of the Library Program Room

Simsbury Public Library
725 Hopmeadow Street
Simsbury, CT 06070

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Simsbury Republicans

Simsbury Republicans1 day ago

We’re #1! But these statistics are nothing to be proud of. Earlier this week Senator Lisa Seminara hosted a round table discussion on the disturbing uptick in crime in our communities. Simsbury Republicans were in attendance and we learned we lead our neighbors in Motor Vehicle thefts, Larceny (both residential and commercial), and Larceny from motor vehicles. While these statistics are certainly alarming, the biggest take aways are more shocking. While we applaud our local law enforcement for their dedicated work and professionalism, laws passed in Hartford in recent years have made it far more difficult for our officers to not only intercede before crime occurs, but also arrest and help prosecute criminals after the fact. Furthermore, due to the demonization of the entire profession of law enforcement due to the universally condemned actions of a few officers far away from CT, recruitment has become extremely challenging. We extend our sincere thanks to Senator Lisa Seminara, and the law enforcement professionals who attended this round table, and we look forward to Michael Schulitz for Simsbury bringing sensibility back to Hartford after the election this fall.

Simsbury Republicans

Simsbury Republicans2 days ago

Excited to support Mike Schulitz for Simsbury! Read more about Mike below and donate to his campaign here-

Simsbury Republicans

Simsbury Republicans4 days ago

Tomorrow, Senator Lisa Seminara is hosting a roundtable discussion on the uptick in crime in Simsbury and the rest of the 8th district, and what can be done to reduce it. We hope you will be able to attend, and bring a friend or neighbor.

Simsbury Republicans

Simsbury Republicans5 days ago

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there! We appreciate everything you do, and the impact you have on your children, and the community. Also, we don’t think your masculinity is toxic. We think it is much needed.

Simsbury Republicans

Simsbury Republicans1 week ago

June is accessible parking awareness month.

Please be considerate and do not park in the hash marks or accessible parking areas without a permit. Your compliance allows others to safely navigate congested parking areas and access locations that would otherwise be inaccessible.

Fines range from $50 to $250 for a first time offense. By working in partnership, we can ensure that all residents can enjoy all the wonderful locations that Simsbury has to offer.

Simsbury Republicans

Simsbury Republicans2 weeks ago

Where does Rep Jahana Hayes stand on the Israel/Palestine conflict? How about on LGBTQIA+ issues? It’s hard to say.

In the last few months. Rep. Hayes has sided with the radicals in Congress, signing a letter and then voting to end much-needed arms shipments to Israel.

She met with CAIR, whose leader praised the October 7th Hamas attack on Israel, and has shown almost no support to her Jewish constituents.

But just last week, the LGBTQIA+ community hosted Rep. Hayes during the New Britain Pride flag raising event. There, she got shouted down by Pro-Hamas protesters who accused her of not being Pro-Hamas enough, despite voting with the Pro-Hamas wing of the Democrat party.

Her flimsy excuse? She said she left to minimize disruptions. From where we’re sitting, she left and caved to the radical and extremist side of her base instead of standing with the community she was purportedly there to support.

This confusion happens when one is not honest about who they are and merely follows the votes, and Rep. Hayes by all the evidence has decided to stand with her extremist base in supporting Hamas and rallying against the LGBTQIA+ community, because she thinks she can get more votes siding with them.

Thankfully, we have an alternative, George Logan hasn’t been meeting with groups who support terrorists, or running away from events because radicals showed up to protest. The only questions left are, Simsbury Democratic Town Committee, State Representative Melissa Osborne, and Paul Honig For State Senate where do you all stand? You have all gladly campaigned with Rep. Hayes, and you will presumably do so again this election season. The voters are paying attention, and we are glad they tend to reject extremism.